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It's a whole new language. Replication or duplication, is there a difference? What the heck is glass mastering and why does it matter if it's done at 1x or 14x - it all results in a glass master in end, doesn't it? And speaking of that, what exactly is a glass master, anyway? Didn't my engineer make the master?

Covers and samples and mechanical licenses..oh my! How long does it really take to get the finished CDs on the doorstep? ISRC, CDDB, IPR...huh? The questions can seem endless and the answers are important.

GrooveHouse has the answers to your questions. Check out these FAQs to discover what those answers will mean to you and your project.

  • Artwork Preparation

    Artwork Preparation

    Important information for graphic designers.

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  • CD Replication

    CD Replication

    All about CD Audio and CD-ROM replication and audio mastering.

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  • Copyright & Licensing

    Copyright & Licensing

    "Must read" topic for anyone creating or recording original material.

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  • Design Services

    Design Services

    Information about our in-house design service.

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  • DIY Services

    DIY Services

    Everything you need to know about our popular Do-It-Yourself packaging options.

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  • DVD Replication

    DVD Replication

    DVD manufacturing and authoring services.

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  • Extras


    The lowdown on our green practices, along with info about digital distribution, ISRC codes, bar codes, top spine labels, & download cards.

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  • Online Products

    Online Products

    Info about our exclusive blank cardboard sleeves and wallets.

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  • Ordering & Shipping

    Ordering & Shipping

    Details on ordering and shipping products.

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  • Short Run Duplication

    Short Run Duplication

    Fast Tracks short run duplication service.

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  • Vinyl Pressing

    Vinyl Pressing

    Everything you need to know about pressing vinyl with GrooveHouse.

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