Reasons to Use GrooveHouse

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We Sound Better

Sound quality is our passion. We use vintage equipment that was originally created for high fidelity audio CDs. Over the years, newer equipment has been developed to manufacture discs faster and more cheaply in order to appease the mass-market CD-ROM industry. Honestly, discs made on these new machines just don’t sound that great, which is why we stand behind our TrueSound™ process.

Some of the best mastering engineers in the business have helped us optimize and customize our system. We create all of our glass masters in-house which decreases the possibility of transfer loss. In addition, we injection mold our discs with high quality polycarbonate for up to 4x longer than other manufacturers which decreases playback correction errors.

Mastering Engineers Love Us

Many of the best mastering engineers in the country refer their clients to us because of our extreme dedication to audio fidelity.

Musicians come to us every day who have been referred by engineers at Airshow Mastering, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Capitol Mastering, Gateway Mastering, Glenn Schick Mastering, John Cuniberti Mastering, Independent Mastering, John Golden Mastering, Lurssen Mastering, MIke Wells Mastering, Oasis Mastering, Precision Mastering, Scoll Hull Mastering, Sterling Sound, and The Mastering Lab...just to name a few!

World Class Print Quality

Our high end multi-color offset presses produce stunning printing effects and quality. Our state-of-the-art ripping and proofing system is calibrated to our presses to ensure accurate print with every job. You can be confident that your artwork will print cleanly, accurately and vibrantly.

We provide you with accurate, easy-to-use templates. When we receive your graphics files, we carefully check them to make sure they meet our graphic specifications. Our art department includes talented and experienced designers and meticulous preflight technicians. Even if this is your first project, we’ll help you create a beautiful package.

Because of our confidence in our products, we guarantee our work from any defects in quality or workmanship. Take a look at our Testimonials page to see what our customers say about our service.

Environmental Awareness

While biodegradable discs are still a product of the future, we do everything we can to ease our impact on the environment. We use recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and water-based coatings in our printing process. We also offer alternative packaging options such as cardboard jackets, wallets and Digipaks. We are proud that our printing facility is FSC-certified, which guarantees that any virgin paper or board used in our products comes from responsible forest operations. Read more about our earth friendly practices.


Groove House Records has specialized in quality audio CD manufacturing for almost 20 years and have manufactured over 20,000 titles. We know just what it takes to help you create a great-sounding, great-looking AND great-feeling package!

Comparison Shopping? Take a Closer Look.

At first glance, you might think that you're getting a better deal with the other guys. But when you look at the fine print, you'll find that it 'taint necessarily so:

  GrooveHouse Our Competition
Audiophile-Class Injection Molding Included Not Available
Full Color On-Disc Printing Included Add $99
FSC-Certified Paper Stock Included Not Available
100% Recycled Packaging Options Available Not Available
Vegetable-Based Inks Included Not Available
Sturdy 18 pt. Board Stock Included Not Available
Poly Wrap or Wafer Seal Included Add $0 - $250
UPC Barcode Included Add $19
Top Spine Label Set-up Included Add $50