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  • Endless Inspiration for Your DIY Project

    Endless Inspiration for Your DIY Project

    Looking for inspiration for your DIY project?  Check out our latest Pinterest board!

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  • Duplication or Replication?

    Duplication or Replication?

    What’s the difference between CD duplication and CD replication?  Aren’t they the same thing? It’s a question we get asked everyday. If you’re an independent musician looking to release an album, it’s vital that you understand the difference.

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  • Recommended Mastering Engineers

    Recommended Mastering Engineers

    We always recommend that you get your recording professionally mastered in order to get the most balanced, professional-sounding product.

    Here are some of the mastering engineers and mastering houses that we like.

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  • Independent Musician Resources

    Useful links to help independent musicians navigate the business of releasing a record.

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  • How to Produce a Great Sounding Vinyl Record

    How to Produce a Great Sounding Vinyl Record

    With the recent renaissance of vinyl records, it’s important to remember that the recording and mastering process is very different than for CDs.  Though written in 1997, this article by Kevin Gray is still just as relevant today.  It’s recommended reading for anyone considering vinyl recording. (Warning: it’s a long one!)

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