FAQs - Short Run Duplication

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  • What audio file types do you accept for duplication?

    For uploaded files, we can accept MP3 (320 kbps) and WAV (16 bit, 44.1 KHz) files.  For best sound quality, we recommend WAV files, though they will take longer to upload.  You can also mail in a red book CD master (see specs below) to our San Francisco facility, which is required if you wish to have CD-Text and/or ISRC codes on your discs.  You will be provided with mailing instructions once you place your Fast Tracks order.

  • I want to burn a disc for CD duplication.  What’s the best way?

    1) Always use a high-quality media brand to record your master.  We recommend MAM-A Gold, Apogee Gold, and Mitsubishi Green Tune. Do not use CD-RW (rewritable) or bargain-priced discs. Check to make sure that your master is free of dirt and fingerprints.

    2) Use a high quality stand-alone CD burner. Though most home computers come equipped with CD burners, their quality can vary greatly. To get the best quality master, we recommend looking into some of the better burners such as Plextor, LaCie and Yamaha.  Keep your burner in a clean environment. Dust and debris can mask the writing laser and cause permanent defects in the CD master.

    3) Use a good CD burning program such as Toast or Jam for the Mac or Nero for the PC. Higher end programs include Wave Burner or Peak. Note that you CANNOT use iTunes to burn a red book audio CD.

    4) Make sure your master is being generated from files located locally - not from a network, CD-ROM or hard drive. It’s better to generate a CD from a single location. If you are grabbing the files from various locations make sure a disc image is created first.

    5) Burn the master at the slowest possible speed. We suggest writing the CD at 2x or even 1x, if available.

    6) Make sure there are no open processes in the background while creating a master, such as an active Internet connection or open application. Make sure that the CD writing program is the only thing open and active.

    6) Record your master as a single session, disc-at-once (DAO), mode 1 disc. Note that some burners may default to track-at-once (TAO) mode. Save the files as 16 bit, 44.1 CD Audio files. Be sure to check with your user manual for details.

    See article: How to Create a Red Book CD Master Using Roxio Toast.

  • How do I set up my art files for Fast Tracks orders?

    All files should be set up as 300 dpi resolution in RGB and saved as either a JPEG or bitmap. (Note these specs are different than for replication orders – those design specs can be found here.)  Download templates from the Fast Tracks Music Shop site. Be sure to turn the appropriate layers on or off as directed or we will be unable to print your files.  It is also important to design to the bleed line as directed on the templates.

  • How do I set up an order with Fast Tracks?

    From the Fast Tracks page, simply click “Create a Project Now” and follow the instructions.  We recommend that you have your art and music (or data files) prepared ahead of time.

  • How do I convert from AIFF to WAV files?

    Using iTunes:
    On a PC: Edit > Preferences > General > Import settings > Import using WAV encoder > Setting > Automatic

    On a Mac: iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Importing > Import using WAV encoder > Settings > Automatic

    There are also many utility programs on the market that allow you to convert audio files.  We especially like Switch by NCH Software.

  • How do I convert from AIFF (or WAV) to MP3 files?

    Using iTunes:

    On a PC: Edit > Preferences > General > Import settings > Import using MP3 encoder > Setting > Custom > Stereo bit rate 320 (all other settings should be default)

    On a Mac: iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Importing > Import using MP3 encoder > Settings > Custom > Stereo bit rate 320 (all other settings should be default)

  • Can I get ISRC codes or CD Text with my Fast Tracks order?

    Yes, ISRC codes and CD Text are available, but only if you mail in your master.  We cannot add the codes to uploaded audio files.

  • Can I duplicate an enhanced CD with Fast Tracks?

    Yes, as long you have have set up the audio and video properly on the master, we can duplicate from it.  Note that you will need to mail in the master.  We cannot accept enhanced CD tracks via upload.

  • Can I get a UPC (bar code) with my Fast Tracks order?

    Yes.  A UPC code is available as an add-on when you place your order.  The cost is $19.

  • What is Fast Tracks’ policy on copyrighted material?

    You are entirely responsible for the content you deliver to Fast Tracks Music Shop for reproduction. Content includes, but is not limited to, data, audio, video, images, text, graphics or other material incorporated in your project. You are specifically responsible for obtaining any permissions for any project submitted to them which may be required from third parties and warrant that your products do not infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark or privacy.

    Under the United States Copyright Law you cannot reproduce other people’s copyrighted works (including songs, recordings, movies, photographs and drawings) without first obtaining express or implied permission from the copyright owner or without qualifying for specific exemptions under the law, such as the use of works in face-to-face teaching activities and other specific types of “fair use.” Trademark laws prohibit you from using another’s trademark or tradename in a way that is likely to cause confusion or mistake about where the product comes from. Many State laws protect people from having their names or likenesses used without permission.

    Your delivery of content to Fast Tracks Music Shop includes a representation from you that one, or any combination, of the following is true: (1) you are the owner of the copyright in the content by transfer and/or purchase from the copyright owner; (2) you created the content yourself and own the copyright in the content; (3) you have a direct or implied license from the copyright owner, or an authorized agent, to copy the content; (4) the contents are in the public domain or have been abandoned to public use or are not copyrightable; (5) your use of the contents falls within established exemptions in the copyright law for teachers or uses by government agencies; (6) you have a good faith belief that your use of the content is “fair use” as defined by the copyright laws of the United States.

    Fast Tracks Music Shop is not obligated to monitor any materials that you submit for duplication. However, you acknowledge and agree that they have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any submitted materials, and to disclose any information to any third party in order to operate business properly; to protect themselves and their customers; and to comply with legal obligations or governmental requests. Fast Tracks Music Shop respects all intellectual property rights and expects everyone who uses their services to also respect them. They are relying on your representations and warranty about the content you provide to us as a condition to your using the online service. Fast Tracks Music Shop reserves the right to (a) cancel an order or cancel the account of anyone found to violate the intellectual property rights of third parties and (b) to share the submitter’s account information with government organizations, law enforcement authorities or other third parties as necessary.

    By becoming a Fast Tracks Music Shop customer, you agree to indemnify and hold them harmless and accept responsibility for reimbursing them for any costs, expenses or liability they incur if you use the service in any way that is incompatible with their policies or violates any US or international laws.