Eco-Friendly Company Practices

Feel the anticipation? You're almost there.

As consumers and retailers alike become more conscious of the need to protect the environment, demand is growing for more environmentally responsible packaging.

Helping our clients choose greener solutions is one way that GrooveHouse is demonstrating its commitment to preserving the natural world. We'll gladly work with you to find the package that's right for your product - and better for the environment.

Lower Impact Products & Packaging

We offer plastic-free and minimal plastic packaging options such as Digipaks and cardboard jackets & wallets.

We can manufacture your Digipaks, jackets and wallets with 100% recycled cardboard: either brown chipboard (100% post-consumer waste) or white Enviroboard™ (50% post-consumer and 50% post-manufacturing waste). Even our clear Digipak trays can be made with 100% recycled plastic.

Our printing facility is FSC-certified, which guarantees that any virgin paper or board used in our products comes from responsible forest operations.

All inks used for paper & cardboard printing are vegetable-based. We use water-based, biodegradable varnishes.

Our shrink wrap and poly wrap is made of recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene).

We offer DVD-5 GreenDiscs, which use half the plastic and components needed for standard DVD-5.

Company Practices That Make a Positive Impact

GrooveHouse is taking other measures to protect the environment through environmentally sound practices and processes that we have developed over the years:

❖ Our print and disc manufacturing facilities recycle 100% of their paper, board and plastic waste.

❖ Our disc manufacturing facility operates its own waste water treatment process to reduce bulk from the waste water system. We also operate our own cardboard and paper compacting equipment to reduce volume and assist in transport of these materials.

❖ We work only with licensed treatment, storage and disposal facilities to assist us in all of our waste management needs. Ink and fountain solutions are disposed of in a safe, controlled manner.

❖ Solutions used to clean printing presses and blankets contain the lowest amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) available.

❖ While discs are not yet made from recycled materials, GrooveHouse has joined with the CD Recycling Center of America and encourages post-use recycling of discs and jewels cases.

❖ We have established strict recycling policies for our corporate office, and a majority of our employees telecommute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Note that these statements apply only to our CD/DVD replication and vinyl packaging products. We are in the process of "greening" our duplication facilities.