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Welcome to the GrooveHouse DIY Store

Just what you've been looking for! In addition to our popular blank eco-friendly recycled sleeves and wallets, you can now order custom rubber stamps, stickers and duplicated CDs or DVDs to go with them! You do the design and packaging yourself to keep the costs low – we’ll supply you with all the materials.

Our exclusive blank cardboard CD/DVD sleeves and 4 panel CD/DVD wallets are made from eco-friendly 100% post-consumer recycled stock. These sturdy sleeves and wallets are perfect for small runs of CDs or DVDs.

Cardboard products are sold in boxed quantities of 100 units. We ship from our Los Angeles facility and can ship anywhere in the world. Call us at 1-888-476-6838 to place your order. Free samples of the cardboard jacket or wallet are available for customers in the continental U.S.

Since these products are made from recycled materials, colors can vary slightly from one batch to the next.

Stamps and stickers cannot be sold separately.

Need inspiration? Read 6 Great Ways to Use Groove House DIY Packaging.


Our exclusive recycled sleeves, wallets & jackets are made from 100% post-consumer recycled chipboard stock.

  • Eco-Sleeves á la Carte

    Earth-conscious and cost-conscious at the same time, our exclusive 100% recycled chipboard sleeves, wallets and LP jackets are the perfect palette for packaging your music YOUR way!

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  • Eco-Sleeves + Disc Duplication

    Need duplicated CDs or DVDs for your blank eco-sleeves or wallets? We make it easy for you with one-stop shopping. The best choice if you are doing screen printing or have your own rubber stamps.

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  • Eco-Sleeves + Disc Duplication + Rubber Stamps

    Our most popular DIY option, rubber stamp art gives your sleeve or wallet a cool "underground" look. Your fans will love them. Order an optional ink pad, and you're ready to rock!

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  • Eco-Sleeves + Disc Duplication + Stickers

    Need more color for your eco-sleeve or wallet? We've got you covered with our custom printed full-color stickers. Since you apply the stickers yourself, you save big! Rubber stamps available with this option.

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