Company History

Feel the anticipation? You're almost there.


GrooveHouse was started as a compact disc, cassette, and vinyl manufacturing company in 1996 by Bryan Kelley, a touring singer-songwriter who demanded the absolute best in sound fidelity and visual appeal for his recordings and those of his fellow artists. Over the years, he has worked extensively with mastering and replication plant engineers, to develop the TrueSound system which allows for the most "musical" replication of his clients' recordings.

Part of our secret is that we use vintage encoders, laser burst readers and injection molding machines that were originally developed for high fidelity audio CDs in the 1980's. Mastering pros say that GrooveHouse CDs sound "wider and taller" than those that come from other manufacturers.

In 2003, GrooveHouse began offering DVD manufacturing, applying all the same high standards expected for their CDs.

Green Commitment

Our personal commitment to environmental issues has been apparent from from the beginning. We have always used vegetable-based inks, water-based finishes and partially recycled paper. At the end of 2007, we greened our company even more by introducing Enviroboard (white 100% recycled cardboard stock) for our Digipaks, jackets and cardboard wallets, 100% recycled trays for our Digipaks, and FSC-certified paper stock for our folders and booklets.

On a personal level, Bryan and his wife Bridget (who has a background in holistic medicine), believe strongly in walking their talk. They've done a green remodel of their home and corporate office and eat locally and organically (from their garden or Hollywood farmers market).

Where We Are Now

By popular demand, GrooveHouse re-introduced vinyl pressing in 2009. As for all our products, earth-friendly printing and packaging will be the norm for our vinyl customers.

We have also expanded our services by partnering with Fast Tracks Music Shop for CD and DVD duplication and offering blank recycled sleeves, wallets and vinyl jackets, and DIY packages.

We designed our new interactive website to better meet the needs of our customers with easy online ordering.

In spite of dire predictions for the music industry, GrooveHouse continues to experience growth year after year. We believe that there will always be musicians with a need for a tangible medium to share their art, and listeners who will always demand audiophile-quality recordings.