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Lower Pricing & Lower Minimums Now Available

GrooveHouse wants to make your New Year an even happier one, so we’ve made some changes you’re sure to love! 

We’re proud to announce LOWER PRICES on almost every GrooveHouse product - CDs, DVDs, even vinyl records! Same incredible quality, same gorgeous printing, same eco-friendly options, now at even more budget-friendly prices. We’ve cut the price – but not the quality!

Also, if 1000 or more units is just too many for your current needs, now you can ORDER AS FEW AS 500 REPLICATED UNITS - a great option for reorders too! Of course, you can use our Fast Tracks duplication service for short runs when you have a tight time schedule and need fewer than 500 discs.  With Fast Tracks you get packaged CDs & DVDs made in as little as one business day with easy, online ordering!

And don’t forget VINYL RECORDS – 2010’s hottest item! You can now order as few as 300 VINYL RECORDS IN FULL COLOR JACKETS. Add our Digital Download Cards for only pennies per unit and you have all the bases covered - your music in a format to meet the needs of every fan!

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