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Recommended Mastering Engineers

Recommended Mastering Engineers

We always recommend that you get your recording professionally mastered in order to get the most balanced, professional-sounding product. A mastering engineer unifies a CD by adjusting EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to give it a consistent sound from track to track. The sound of your CD is also “sweetened” during the mastering phase, giving your music warmth, punch, and fullness.  The engineer can also raise the overall level (volume) and highlight details that aren’t already apparent. It’s what makes the difference between the sound of a home-made recording and a major-label release.

Here are some of the mastering engineers and mastering houses that we like.

Lurssen Mastering  Hollywood, CA ☎ 323-924-7193
Engineers: Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen

Bernie Grundman Mastering  Hollywood, CA ☎ 323-465-6264
Engineers: Bernie Grundman, Brian Gardner, Pat Sullivan

Gateway Mastering  Portland, ME ☎ 207-828-9400
Engineers: Bob Ludwig, Tom Ryan

Sterling Sound  New York, NY ☎  212-604-9433
Engineers: Greg Calbi, Chris Athens, Jay Franco

SAE Mastering  Phoenix, AZ ☎ 602-242-0022
Engineer: Roger Seibel

Independent Mastering  Nashville, TN ☎ 615-463-8933
Engineer: Eric Conn

Mike Wells Mastering  Los Angeles, CA ☎ 323-363-2339
Engineer: Mike Wells

Suite Sound Labs  Vancouver, BC ☎ 604-255-7200
Engineers: Jamie Sitar, Alex DeGrace

John Golden Mastering  Ventura, CA ☎ 805-648-4646
Engineers: John Golden, JJ Golden

DNA Mastering  Woodland Hills, CA ☎ 818-992-4034
Engineer: Dave Donnelly

Yes Master Studios  Nashville, TN ☎ 615-383-1964
Engineers: Jim Demain, Alex McCollough

John Cuniberti Mastering  Oakland, CA ☎ 510-501-9334
Engineer: John Cuniberti

Red Mastering  Newbury Park, CA ☎ 805-660-9899
Engineer: Brad Vance

Precision Mastering  Los Angeles, CA ☎ 323-464-1008
Engineer: Don C. Tyler

Resolution Mastering Sherman Oaks, CA ☎ 818-481-7064
Engineer: Ron Bousted

Sound Bites Dog  Culver City, CA ☎ 310-621-1896
Engineer: Hans Dekline

Capitol Mastering  Hollywood, CA ☎ 323-871-5003
Engineer: Ron McMaster

Wolf Productions Inc.  Arlington, VA ☎ 703-351-7540
Engineer: Bill Wolf

Glenn Schick Mastering  Atlanta, GA ☎ 770-451-1314
Engineers: Glenn Schick, Carlton Batts, Donn Aaron

Joe Lambert Mastering  Brooklyn, NY ☎ 718-797-0177
Engineer: Joe Lambert

Euphonic Masters  Memphis, TN ☎ 901-266-6075
Engineer: Brad Blackwood

Blackler Mastering  Brooklyn, NY ☎ 646-752-6545
Engineer: Kevin Blackler

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