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Loudness Seminar in Oakland, CA—Saturday Feb 20

The most sensitive word in mastering, Loudness raises volume, power, and blood pressure in mastering engineers.  At this hands-on seminar, you will leave armed with a new understanding of what makes a record LOUD.

Additional features of this seminar will include:
-Loudness measurement techniques, listening techniques, and engineering techniques.
-Using music to demonstrate the lunacy of loudness and where its merits lie.
-Viewing current technical trends and considering a long-tail view of projected loudness initiatives for the future.

Joining Mike at this seminar will be fellow SF mastering engineer Michael Romanowski.

Bring your questions, your complaints, your frustrations, your revelations and participate with us in this unique community event that ONLY happens at Leo’s every other month.

Click here for more information or to reserve your space.

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