CD replication customer, Swamphammer on their outstanding new relase release, “Laudananum.”


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Featured CD Replication Release: Swamphammer - Laudanum

Featured CD Replication Release: Swamphammer - Laudanum

Congratulations to Groove House Records CD replication customer, Swamphammer on their outstanding new relase release, “Laudananum.”

Artist Bio

Swamphammer is a heavy hard rockin’ bluesy metal slide guitar based band with fierce vocals and high energy rhythm that keeps you coming back for swampy seconds!

Their current lineup is lead by Damien ‘El Dante’ Castaneda on vocals, Stephen ‘Slidewinder’ Lynch on lead guitar, Cody ‘The Hammer’ Antill on drums, Spydie Webb on guitar and Laura ‘Legsy’ Scott on bass.

Bluesy slide guitar riffs, heavy metal double bass drumming, solid bass and fierce, gritty vocals fermenting into the powerhouse of sound that is Swamphammer.

Product Manufactured by Groove House Records

We created a CD replication package for Swamphammer, consisting of a full color CD, and a 6 panel wallet on our 35% recycled 18 point standard bleached white stock with a matte varnish.

About Groove House Records (CD duplication) Services

Based in Los Angeles for over 20 years, we offer audiophile-class CD & DVD replication, short-run CD & DVD duplication, eco-friendly printing and packaging, vinyl pressing, Digipaks, download cards, posters, custom apparel, and more.

We believe that there will always be musicians needing a tangible medium to share their art, as well as listeners who demand audiophile-quality recordings. Using state-of-the-art glass mastering and CD manufacturing equipment, we strive to make the best-sounding CDs in the industry. We are also proud that our CD & DVD printing facility is FSC-certified. We offer 100% recycled CD & DVD packaging options, including recycled Digipak trays. Since 1996, thousands of customers have trusted Groove House Records with their music manufacturing projects.

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