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6 Great Ways to Use Groove House DIY Packaging


Groove House DIY packaging is popping up all over.  Get inspired ...

1. Independent recording artist i am jen was one of our first chipboard sleeve customers and is a true inspiration to all DIY’ers.  Each handmade CD package is a true labor of love.  Here’s a video of her artistry in action.  Great music too!

2. L.A. record label Dangerbird Records  uses our wallets with wraparound stickers to send promos of their latest releases to radio & press.


3. As an add-on to his full-length CD releases, touring musician Steve Poltz also records nightly live CDs at his performances, packages them in chipboard sleeves and makes them available for sale right after the show.

4. Songwriters can create unique packaging to send to film and TV music supervisors and music library companies.  Groove House CEO Bryan Kelley recommends sending at least 1 track in a 4 panel wallet every three months.  Keep your branding the same each time and your collection will really stand out on the supevisor’s shelf!

5. Many freelance photographers purchase our sleeves and wallets, then brand them with their logo for sending photos on DVD to their customers.


6. Octavo in San Francisco sells digital versions of rare books on CD-ROM, packaged in 100% chipboard packaging pre-printed with their branding.  They then add wraparound stickers to label the individual title.

We also sell chipboard products to catering companies, architects, retail clothing chains, video production companies, letterpress printers – anyone wishing to distribute digital media in an original and sustainable manner.

How do YOU use our DIY products?  We’d love to hear from you!


My band has been using the Groovehouse chipboard packaging for albums we’re releasing through Bandcamp:
Honestly, we love them.  The sleeves are cheap, which allows us a lot of flexibility to experiment.  Last month we wrote, recorded and released an album in 28 days.  The packaging was supposed to be the hardest part, since we wanted a more organic feel. The chipboard sleeves were professional looking but didn’t have the corporate “gloss” that a lot of off-the-shelf solutions have.  We letterpressed right onto the sleeves and hand watercolored them.  And, since it was a DIY solution, we were able to do a small edition number instead of having to order thousands of copies that would just take up space in my bedroom and never sell.

I’ve messed with a lot of packaging solutions, but you guys make some seriously awesome stuff.

April 01, 2010 - Zachary Reese

We’ve created a Facebook album or customers’ DIY creations—check it!  If you’d like to submit yours, please email bridget(at)

May 21, 2010 - Bridget Kelley

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