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Avett Brothers: Rolling Stone “2009 Artist To Watch” List

Avett Brothers: Rolling Stone “2009 Artist To Watch” List

Congratulations to GrooveHouse customer, The Avett Brothers, who were mentioned in the August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine as Artists to Watch in 2009.

Over the past 10 years, the Avett Brothers (led by Scott and Seth Avett) have crafted a mix of country harmonies, modern bluegrass, and serious rock & roll.  This eclectic mix of influences has led some to label their music “folk-punk” or “grungegrass,” though they tend to avoid such monikers. Their unique sound attracted big league producer, Rick Rubin, who signed the band to Columbia last year, and is producing their major-label debut, “I and Love and You.”  They transcend the genres they’re coming from,” says Rubin, who has also produced such acts as Slayer, Neil Diamond and Jay-Z.

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